Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing Group

 Areas of interest:

  • Mobile networks and services
  • Context management
  • Location-based services
  • Positioning techniques
  • Wireless local area networks
  • Free-space optical communications

 Current research projects:

 Previous research projects:

  • EPSILON - Environmental Policy via Sustainability Indicators on a European-wide NUTS-III Level (IST-2001-32389)
  • VADE - Value Added Environments for Dynamic Support to Location-Based Services in UMTS Networks (FCT - POSI/CHS/38475/2001)
  • Paredes Digital - A location-based portal for mobile users (internal)
  • Robots II (Algoritmi)
  • AROUND - Supporting location-based Internet services (FCT - PRAXIS/P/EEI/14267/1998)
  • HYPERGEO - Easy and friendly access to geographic information for mobile users (IST-1999-11641)
  • Wireless communication system for autonomous mobile robots (Algoritmi)
  • ContactUM (internal)
  • POWER - Portable workstation for education in Europe (ESPRIT 6892)
  • WINS - Wireless In-House Network Studies (ESPRIT 5631)
  • SPOT - Signal Processing for Optical and Cordless Transmission (RACE R.1052)
  • ITCOM - Integração de Tecnologias em Comunicações Móveis (PRAXIS XXI)


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