Paulo Cortez is Associate Professor (with Habilitation) at the Department of Information Systems and Coordinator of the Information Systems and Technologies (IST) research group of ALGORITMI Research Centre, University of Minho, where he develops teaching and R&D activities (Short CV).

Current research interests: 

  1. *Business Intelligence: Decision Support Systems, Data Mining and Forecasting;

* Artificial Intelligence (AI): Neural Networks, Evolutionary Computation and AI Applications.

Co-author of more than 95 indexed (e.g., ISI, Scopus) publications in international scientific journals and conferences.

New/relevant items:

* Best Paper Award of the EPIA 2015 conference, 2015.

* Springer book: Modern Optimization with R, 2014 (188 pages)

* Associate Editor of Expert Systems and Neural Processing Letters journals.

  1. *Video (in Portuguese) about New Challenges of the Internet and Computer Security.

* Novel journal article: Using Sensitivity Analysis and Visualization Techniques to Open Black Box Data Mining Models

* Video interviews (in Portuguese) about Spam Email: RTP2, Porto Canal, UMinho.

  1. *Lecturer of PhD Program MAP-i: Adaptive Business Intelligence unit (2014/15).

  2. *Co-organizer of the Knowledge Discovery and Business Intelligence (KDBI) track of EPIA 2015

  3. *Lecturer of the “Business Intelligence” course of the MSc in Management and Information Systems, ISCTE, Lisbon (2013/14).  

* Portuguese book on Intelligent Data Analysis with Java (FCA).


Are you interested in working with me (PhD, MSc, ...)?

Research Collaboration with:

  1. -Intelligent Data Systems (IDS) research subgroup:

Manuel Filipe Santos; Henrique Santos; and Orlando Belo.

  1. -Intelligent Systems for Internet Optimization (ISNO) group:

Miguel Rio, UCL, UK; Miguel Rocha, DI, UMinho; and Pedro Sousa, DI, UMinho;

  1. -Other people:

  2. -Juan Peralta Donate (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, Spain);

  3. -Martin Stepnicka (University of Ostrava, Czech Republic);

  4. -Mark Embrechts (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA);

- António Gomes Correia (DEC, UMinho, Portugal);

  1. -Paulo Rita (ISCTE-IUL, Portugal);

  2. -Nelson Areal (EEG, UMinho, Portugal);



Departamento de Sistemas de Informação

Universidade do Minho,

Campus Azurém,

4800-058 Guimarães, Portugal

Tel.: +351 253 510 313/319

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Paulo Cortez

Associate Professor (Habilitation, PhD)