PhD/MSc Candidates:

Several possibilities within the fields of Business Intelligence/Decision Support Systems,

Data Mining, Machine Learning, Forecasting, Evolutionary Computation, Neural Networks, Artificial/Business Intelligence applications (for examples check my publications).

If anyone is interested then please send me your CV by email: click-to-get-my-email

PhD Financial support possibilities:

FCT scholarship for Portuguese or European Union citizens (applications are typically set in June).

Brazilian citizens can apply to CAPES or CNPq scholarships.

Student Supervisions:


  1. -Joaquim Tinoco (co-supervisor), A decision support system for sustainable slope management and repair, UMinho, Portugal (FCT grant from 2014 to current date).

  PhD Thesis:

  1. -Paola Zola (co-supervisor), Using Social Media Analytics for Alloy Steel Prices, PhD in Analytics for Economics and Business, University of Bergamo, Italy, finished in 2020.

  2. -Palwasha Afsar (co-supervisor), An Integrated System for Detection and Identification of Behaviors and Biometric Data, PhD in Computer Science (MAP-i), UMinho, Portugal (FCT grant), finished in 2018.

  3. -Nuno Oliveira (co-supervisor), Mining Social Media Sentiment to Forecast Stock Market Behavior, PhD in Information Systems and Technologies, DSI, UMinho, Portugal, finished in 2017.

  4. -Jorge Henrique de Frias Barbosa, Early Warning System for Bank Distress in Brazil, finished in 2017.

  5. -Manuel Parente (co-supervisor), Development of an Expert Earthwork Optimization System, Phd in Civil Engineering,  Dep. Eng. Civil, UMinho, Portugal (FCT grant), finished in 2015.

  6. -Sérgio Moro (supervisor), Feature selection strategies for improving data-driven decision support in bank telemarketing, Phd in Information Sciences and Technologies, ISCTE-IUL, finished in 2015.

  7. -Joaquim Tinoco (co-supervisor), Application of Data Mining techniques to the dimension control of Jet Grouting columns (in portuguese), PhD in Civil Engineering, Dep. Eng. Civil, UMinho, Portugal (FCT grant), finished in 2012.

  8. -Duarte Duque (co-supervisor), Identification and Forecast of Security Breaks in Video-Surveillance. PhD in Information Systems and Technologies, DSI, UMinho, Portugal (FCT grant), finished in 2009.