rminer - A open-source library that facilitates the use of Data Mining

techniques in R

This package was used in several Data Mining applications: intensive care medicine, meat and wine quality assessment, civil engineering, forest fires prediction, modeling student performance, time series forecasting, spam e-mail detection, ... Also available at Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN).

Springer Book: Modern Optimization with R (R code, data, ...)

Free public datasets what I studied:

  1. -Forest Fires (regression, donated to the UCI Machine Learning (ML) repository).     

  2. -WineQuality (regression/classification) donated to the UCI ML repository).

  3. -S-Enron corpus (personalized spam e-mail classification).

  4. -Bank Marketing (classification, donated to UCI ML repository).

  5. -Internet Traffic Time Series Datasets (also available at tsdl R package - index 643 to 648).

  6. -Input importance synthetic datasets.

  7. -Student Performance (regression/classification, donated to the UCI ML repository).

  8. -Stock Market Lexicon (with more than 20.000 microblog terms associated with positive or negative scores, available at GitHub).

  9. -Online News Popularity (regression/classification, donated to the UCI ML repository).

  10. -CS Abstracts Dataset (sequential classification).

  11. -Twitter-country-geolocation (classification).

  12. -Cross-source cross-domain sentiment analysis (classification).