Internet Traffic Time Series

These datasets are public available for research. The datasets are described in the paper of Cortez et. al (2012) listed below.
  • A5M.csv
  • A1H.csv
  • A1D.csv

  • B5M.csv
  • B1H.csv
  • B1D.csv

  • itraffic.txt - R code file (please rename it to itraffic.R) that loads all time series files and creates pdf plots similar to the ones that appear in the paper.
  • Please cite this reference as a source for the Internet Traffic Data:

  • Cortez, P., Rio, M., Rocha, M., and Sousa, P. (2012). Multi-scale Internet traffic forecasting using neural networks and time series methods. Expert Systems, 29(2), 143-155.

    The paper is also available here: pdf

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